Fresh Line | Crimps1(PU)

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  • Grip Crimps
  • Hold Count 20
  • SizeM
  • Material PU Dannomond
  • Weight 2.46 kg / 5.423 lbs
  • Color
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    Please note that the color swatches shown are digital representations of actual colors and slight differences might exist between these and the actual material.
  • DescriptionThe FRESH LINE series were designed with all climbing levels in mind, whether for artificial structures (ACS), bouldering or climbing walls. Whether you are a climbing nut, a club, a community or a climbing hall, you are bound to find a series that suits your needs. These series are organised by size and type of grip, and we've been very particular abouat their comfort and feel. In the not too distant future, the FRESH LINE range will include more than 300 shapes, all complying with European standard EN 12572-3.
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