HRT was found in Bulgaria as a producer of artificial climbing holds and walls in 1998 by two young climbers - Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Musov.

Due to its huge and rapid growth, because of the high quality of its products and services, the company was later restructured into two independent and highly specialized companies- HRT and Walltopia, which continue to operate very closely today. HRT has remained devoted to developing and manufacturing climbing holds.

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When we started FICTION HOLDS, we asked our shapers to create their dream holds.

No rules and no limitations set. Only the freedom to make holds following their passion for art and climbing.

The result?

A journey of inspiration, that reminded us, that greatness is achieved only by following your heart and feel no fear.

Join us on this journey and experience the amazing world of FICTION – where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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Flame holds is where art encounters FUN-ctionality to create holds that will stand out with vivid colors, durable materials and smile-provoking shapes. Because fun is most important while climbing, Flame holds are suitable for everyone, not just the advanced climbers

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Born out of a passion for climbing on the world-class mountains, cliffs and boulders of North Wales, Beacon is located near Llanberis within the heart of the Welsh climbing scene and has been producing climbing holds and operating Beacon Climbing Centre since 1994.

Our 20 years of accumulated experience and knowledge, as both end user and manufacturer, allows us to exactly understand the process behind shaping and manufacturing premium climbing holds. This is what we produce.

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IBEX is the result of many people putting their talents and knowledge into the creation of the first company that designs climbing holds in Greece. Many friends, each through their own specialized field, added something to the IBEX picture, one by handling the engineering aspect, others by giving advice related to the production line, others by sculpting prototypes and others by giving business advice but all with the same genuine enthusiasm.THIS NOT JUST ANOTHER CLIMBING HOLD COMPANY.

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HOLDZ® was founded in 2000 by Steve Goodair. Steve has worked at the forefront of climbing hold design and manufacture for the past 17 years and he has carved holds for many of the top climbing wall manufacturers . In addition to designing and carving holds, Steve spent five years travelling worldwide designing, making and installing many different types of bespoke climbing walls having set thousands of indoor routes on all types of climbing wall using many different types of bolt on hold.

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Passion is what drives us. Passion for climbing and passion for shapes, passion for action and passion for fun. Passion for design and passion for fluidity. Agripp climbing holds are the result of years of passion. Eventually, our love for climbing is what we want to share. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, other man and woman can achieve. Movement and Spirit. Founded by Philippe Ceulemans, the company has been in the climbing hold business for over twenty five years. Deep down in his guts creating something shaped Philippe since childhood.With new creative climbing holds and supported by the latest technology, we aim to create new climbing sensations.

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We are a team of passionate climbers and bouldering enthusiasts. We use our experiences to design and produce climbing holds for you. We have tons of ideas waiting for accomplishment to make our products better and we work hard to make you climb harder. It all began in 1996. One of the best known climbers in Czech and Slovak republic Andrej Chrastina started his experiments with making climbing holds. At the beginning the company was called a.9 and Andrej was making holds from epoxy.

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Didak's Climbing from Barcelona are manufacturers of polyurethane climbing holds. A little family business with lots of years of experience, Didak's focus on taking care of all details, and their designs are avant-graded. They work with materials of high quality, always evolving, and they listen to your ideas and learn from errors. The result of their work is all the holds, slopes and materials thought for climbers, even when it seems impossible, the next day you will be surprised with their new designs.

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Walltopia is the world leader in climbing wall design and manufacturing with more than 1500 projects worldwide and over 270 000 sq.m / 2 906 000 sq.ft. climbing surface designed, engineered, produced and built. Founded in 1998, Walltopia is now one of the world's foremost manufacturers of artificial climbing structures, operating on 6 continents through offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Russia and Asia Pacific and exporting to more than 50 countries around the globe. The Head office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Innovation has always been, and continues to be, our driving force and we not only offer the largest and most complete range of climbing wall surfaces available in the world today but also deliver complete solutions for customers' facilities and businesses from project design to wall assembly, route setting and staff training. Walltopia has a team of more than 600 professionals and has the largest production capacity within the industry.

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300 climbing holds - a dream come true for any route-setter. Varieties of shapes for every angle and for every grip. Any climbing route is now possible.

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Vertical Limit was founded in South Korea in 2012 by avid outdoor & climbing enthusiast Dongsuk Hur. Vertical Limit is committed to providing the best quality for you and all of your climbing needs. The sky's the limit when it comes to Vertical Limit!

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Urban Plastix (UP) is based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a climber-owned company bringing the next level of passion and design to the indoor climbing experience. Being in the big city, inspiration comes in a slew of different forms for the typical climber. Our head shaper, Peter Juhl, lives in Brooklyn and draws his inspiration from the art and culture that the city has to offer.

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Ian Powell is a fine art sculptor who has been a climber and hold shaper for decades. Kilter is his newest company and with Kilter Ian is applying his years of experience and artistic ability to create fresh grips so necessary you'll be surprised no one has thought of them before.

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Climbro is the first smart hangboard of its kind. It is an advanced measurement system and a powerful training tool. Its unique combination of force sensors and mobile application allows for comprehensive evaluations of climbers’ physical state. These evaluations are used to provide climbers with personal training plans in order to improve their climbing performance. The greatest thing about Climbro is that it is based on years of scientific research and performance evaluations of more than 1000 climbers.

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Making climbers stronger. Pusher is one of the most iconic and influential hold companies of all time. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah we have been at the heart of the American climbing scene for decades... making holds for people who love climbing. Pusher was built by real climbers who wanted the tools to push themselves, so we created holds that did not yet exist. This tradition continues to this day as we strive to bring you new hand-crafted shapes. Pusher was created in the early 1990’s by Dave Bell, Rob Gilbert, Mike Call, and Boone Speed. Over the years the company changed ownership a few times and in 2017 Pusher was purchased by visual artist, Jared Roth. Jared grew up climbing in the gym that Pusher built in Salt Lake City. After only a few years of climbing on Pusher holds, Jared quickly rose to the top of the American climbing scene. In 1999 he was on the USA Youth Climbing Team, and sent his first 5.14 after returning home from the Youth Worlds that year. The next summer he became one of the first Americans to climb 5.14c with his second ascent of Boone Speed’s “I Scream” in Hell Cave. Later that year he did the 3rd ascent of Chris Sharma’s “The Mandala” in the Buttermilks. In 2002 Jared decided to walk away from “professional climbing” after his first ascent of “Rastaman Vibration” on the 65 foot tall Grandpa Peabody boulder. This problem later became famous worldwide due to a sit-start being added and is now known as “Lucid Dreaming.” We at Pusher believe that our products will focus you to develop the strengths, flexibility and problem-solving skills needed to achieve your climbing goals. Jared, for the last couple of decades, has used paint and canvas to express himself as an artist. Today, he continues the mission of Pusher by designing and shaping the holds that have worked for him and a generation of climbers. Our hand-crafted shapes are transformed into challenging climbing grips using the best plastics in the world to satisfy the most nuanced technical details for helping climbers increase strength and realize their personal best. Pusher embraces new generations of climbers by contributing two percent of its revenues to programs that teach young climbers to minimize their footprint in outdoor climbing environs, limit their interference with wildlife, and preserve fixed climbing paths and routes so that these natural wonders remain inspiring for posterity. We are committed to protecting our natural climbing areas for the next generation of climbers.

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All Volx products are exclusively made on their own manufacturing site, and the “Made in France” label continues to be a guarantee of quality. Volx rely on their 20 years of experience and on leading edge expertise in the areas of molding, transformation of resins and composite materials.

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